Jodi Phillis and Pillow

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Cloud Pillow Mountains
Robby Carter
Melanie Watson
February 3rd, 2013

CLOUD PILLOW 2 Cloud Pillow Mountains
My family and I went on a mini road trip to a small town up in the mountains one winter afternoon so that the kids could play in the snow. As my fiancée drove I was playing with the camera taking silly pictures of everyone in the car, and then I started taking random shots of the beautiful scenery outside my window. It is amazing the pictures you can take even when in a moving car, like a beautiful shot of the mountains with a cloud that looks like a big comfy pillow sitting on it. The photo that stands out in my mind the most from that day would have to be this picture I took of the mountains. As we approached the mountains I noticed that the clouds were low, and sitting on top of them. In the picture you see the whole mountain with a fluffy cloud that looks like a pillow sitting a top of it. Light blue tint to the picture could make you feel how cold it was that day. I have seen clouds on mountains before, but never a perfect pillow like I saw on this particular mountain. It was an amazing sight, what is more amazing, is that I got a perfect shot of it with my camera while the car was still moving. The children love the picture. My fiancé as well she wanted to enter it in a contest I told her to enter it in her name. It made it into some photo book. The mountains were blue grey with snow splattered on them in the picture it looked no more than two inches deep of a pillow all the way across the top of them. My fiancée, the kids, and I continued on up to the mountains and played in the snow for a couple of hours and ate a picnic lunch. On the return trip home we...
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