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James Smith
Shannon Alvis
Priscilla Garcia
Professor Thomas
Intro to Rec 1370
June 25, 2013
Barrier Study Report:
JC Kellam Building

The building we chose was one the tallest and most prestigious on the Texas State campus; that building is no other than JC Kellam Administrative Building. First established in 1969, JC Kellam or “JCK” for short was the school library before later being renovated for administrative purposes. Besides the many departments it houses, one of those being the President’s Office, it also hosts a variety of events and activities on its 11th floor for those who reserve it. Such events hosted have been mixers, ceremonies, proms, graduation dinners, movie nights, training sessions, retirement parties, reunions, and even blood drives. So as you can see, JCK not only serves the students who may need help, but also the general public who wish to find a quiet, comfortable place to recreate. As mentioned before, the building was first renovated from a library and is still being renovated as we speak. Since these renovations are so frequent here it is hard to believe that they would have time to make sure the building was up-to-date ADA modifications, right? Wrong. The building is actually one of the many on campus that has been on par, if not over par with following ADA guidelines. The entrances are the first of many adjustments that they have been up to speed with. There are five entrances to the building; three in the front for students and guests and two in the back; one for employees and the other for the President. All five comply with ADA’s guidelines such as
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