Job Shadowing

Topics: Newspaper, Understanding, Explanation Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Kourtney Trivett
Coms 390-001
Job Shadowing

I came to the Liberty Champion for job shadowing on April 7. I spent the first half watching Greg edit stories and tried to help him come up with headlines for each story. He helped by explaining how everything worked again. This is my third time taking the practicum so I remembered a lot of how everything worked. Then Greg had me and another girl edit the Coffeehouse story that was going in the paper this week. So we took the article and fixed all the edits that you guys had made to the article. Then we helped Sara try and come up with the headlines that Greg was struggling with. I enjoyed getting a rundown again of how everything runs and works in the Champion office because I seem to always forget. We ended up our time by Sara going over each one of our articles with us. She gave us some really good advice and told us exactly what you guys were expecting from each article. She went through and explained each edit that was made and she made sure we understood why it was not right. I enjoyed being able to help out the most I could while I was there on Sunday and I feel like I learned a lot. I realized how much work Greg and Sara really put into this section of the newspaper. Well, everyone puts in a ton of work, but for my section it made me realize a lot of things. We make their job ten times easier if we really focus and put a lot of work into our articles. I would say this job shadowing was my favorite out of all the three semesters I have done it. I felt like I learned more and was able to help out, which helped me better understand what goes into putting a newspaper out.
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