Job Analysis

Topics: Ergonomics, Human resource management, Occupational safety and health Pages: 6 (1720 words) Published: January 17, 2015

Sophia Johnson-Mattis
Post Graduate HRM
Course Tile: Organizational Design & Analysis
Facilitator: Latoya Anderson
March 3, 2014
Question 1- Advance the role and significance of Job Analysis in identifying the underlying challenges in this case. Adams (2000) defines Job Analysis as the process of determining and recording all the pertinent information about a specific job, including the tasks involved, the knowledge and skill set required to perform the job, the responsibilities attached to the job and the abilities required to perform the job successfully. In essence analysis of jobs in the organization is a primary task for setting a baseline that enables human resources (HR) professionals to effectively manage job-related activities (Hough & Oswald, 2000 ). Job analysis consists of two components: job description and job specification. The job description states job related details such as duties and responsibilities, salary and incentives, working conditions and facilities, etc whereas the job specification gives the related details like qualifications and qualities required by job holders, experience and training required, etc. A job analysis is an efficient way to gather useful information about a job, and its cost-effectiveness makes it affordable for any organization (Adams, 2000). The main purpose of conducting job analysis is to prepare job description and job specification which in turn help to hire the right quality of workforce into the organization. The general purpose of job analysis is to document the requirements of a job and the work performed. Job and task analysis is performed as a basis for later improvements, including: definition of a job domain; describing a job; developing performance appraisals, selection systems, promotion criteria, training needs assessment, and compensation plans. In the fields of Human Resources (HR) and Industrial Psychology, job analysis is often used to gather information for use in personnel selection, training, classification, and/or compensation. The field of vocational rehabilitation uses job analysis to determine the physical requirements of a job to determine whether an individual who has suffered some diminished capacity is capable of performing the job with, or without, some accommodation (Gary,2003). The following are the main challenges facing Sparkling Spring Waters in the case of Janet. 1. Heavy Lifting

2. Consistent standing and bending
3. Recurring Back Injury
4. Employees with similar Injuries prevalent
5. Increased medical expenses
6. Lost Productivity

Recruitment and Selection:- In the case of Sparkling Spring waters, Job Analysis would be used to inform the Recruitment and Selection of warehouse workers (Stackers) like Janet as job analysis helps to inform the hire of future human resource. It helps to recruit and select the right kind of people for the jobs available in the organization and provides information necessary to select the right person by its immediate products i.e. job description and job specification. Job Description and Job Specification:-As previously discussed A Job description is a structured and factual statement of a job's functions and objectives. It is a document providing information regarding tasks, duties, and responsibilities of job; this account usually lists the typical tasks to be performed by the position holder and the Job Specification which is the minimum training, education, and experience required to do the job. This Job Description & Specification would aid future employees of Sparkling Spring Water to have a greater understanding of the duties and requirements for the post of Stacker. Persons who are applying for the job would be able to assess their capabilities to effectively perform in the role. Additionally the Job Description & Specification would provide...
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