Occupational Analysis Inventory

Topics: Human behavior, Human resource management, Behavior Pages: 4 (834 words) Published: November 22, 2009
Occupational Analysis Inventory.

Mohammed Adnan Waseem.

Course Title: Advances in HRD

Supervisor: Prof. Dr Syed Tahir Hijazi.

What is Job Analysis?
Acquiring information about the jobs in the organization is much important especially for Human Resource department. A job is a schedule of tasks, duties and responsibilities that can be performed by a jobholder. Job analysis is to study these schedules of activities to find out tasks, duties and responsibilities needed for each job. So we can say that, process of collecting and organizing knowledge about a specific job and its requirements is called job analysis For job analysis, questionnaires are basic requirement. There are different types of questionnaires being used to carry out job analysis procedure. One of them is Occupational Analysis Inventory, which is discussed in detail in coming lines. Occupational Analysis Inventory:

The Occupational Analysis Inventory contains 617 descriptions of work activities and conditions also called "work elements” on the basis of which occupations are rated. (In some references number of elements is 622.) The OAI work elements were produced within the broad framework of an information processing paradigm. It is a useful tool for collecting highly specific and related information about a job. The OAI reveals following five major categories:

(1) Information Received, (2) Mental Activities,

(3) Work Behavior, (4) Work Goals,

(5) Work environment.

These major categories are further subdivided regarding to selected conceptual framework pertaining to the human behavior and work requirements.

Model for the Occupational Analysis Inventory:

AIl respondents have to rate each job element by selecting from four ratings given below: (1) part-of-job, (2) extent,
(3) application, (4) a special scale designed for the element. Uses:
OAI has a very vast use, from Army to industry, etc. The OAI has been used to gather information on 1,400...
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