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Prepared by the IPMAAC Ad Hoc Committee on Use of the Personnel Assessment Specialist Job Analysis: Donna L. Denning, Ph.D., Chair Nancy E. Abra ms, Ph.D. Marianne Bays, Ph.D.

International Personnel Management Association Assessment Council 1995

TABLE OF CONTENTS Personnel Assessment Specialist Job Analysis: Interpretation and Use Report Abstract 2

Introduction and Background Task Analysis Task Inventory Development Task Inventory Data Collection Task Cluster Development Derivation of Personnel Assessment Specialist Job Types Job Group (Person Cluster) Development Task Cluster Profiles for Seven Personnel Assessment Job Types KSA’s for Task-Based Job Dimensions Applicability of KSA’s to Job Dimensions References

3 5 5 6 6

7 7 8 9 9

Use of Personnel Assessment Specialist Job Analysis Job Description/Classification Example Employee Selection Example Employee Performance Appraisal Example

10 11-17 18-24 25-29

TABLE 1 - Task Clusters Derived from Cluster Analysis of the IPMAAC Personnel Assessment Specialist Task Inventory Data TABLE 2 - Mean Cluster Relative Proportion Ratings by Job Group (Seven Primary Job Groups)







In the 1980's, IPMAAC conducted a comprehensive Personnel Assessment Specialist job analysis in order to develop information about the variety of tasks we perform and the competencies needed in our profession. Many different applications and uses were envisioned for the resulting report. In a subsequent survey, the IPMAAC membership reported their belief that the job-analysis results would be useful to organizations for a variety of personnel activities including job design, job classification, employee selection, employee training and development, and employee performance appraisal.

The purpose of the project that led to this report has been to provide the IPMAAC membership with as much information from the job analysis as possible, in as user-friendly a format as possible, for such organizational use. To facilitate use of these materials, examples of application for three different personnel activities have been developed and are included in this report. Applications of the job analysis results are presented for job description/classification, for employee selection, and for employee performance appraisal. The job analysis project approach and research results are also summarized.


Personnel Assessment Specialist Job Analysis Project

Introduction and Background

The International Personnel Management Association Assessment Council (IPMAAC) is a specialized professional section of the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA). IPMA, the non-profit parent organization, represents the interests of all personnel professionals in local, state and federal governments as well as private enterprise. IPMA objectives include the development of sound personnel administration policies and practices, and the encouragement of programs that guarantee equal employment opportunity and meritbased selection. While IPMAAC objectives support those of its parent organization, the focus of IPMAAC is more specific. Membership in IPMAAC is open to all who actively engage in or contribute to personnel assessment, including personnel directors, personnel analysts, personnel psychologists, personnel specialists, psychometricians, personnel management consultants, career development specialists, personnel examiners, recruiters, and other assessment professionals. In short, IPMAAC is a professional organization for personnel assessment specialists (PAS).

Realizing that effective human resource management practice is dependent upon the possession of adequate information about the nature of work performed by people, and motivated by the desire to "practice the preach" of its profession, the...
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