Jim crow laws

Topics: Black people, African American, White people Pages: 4 (896 words) Published: June 7, 2014
Notion 3 : Seats and forms of power (African Americans)

The Declaration of independence and the Jim crow laws : An american paradox

Today I'm going to talk about the notion Seats and Forms of power and my issue is "Is the declaration of

independence and the jim crow laws an american paradox?"To begin with I guess it would be appropriate to explain

how the notion is related to the issue and in order to do that i'll have to go back in the 19th when Lincoln abolished

slavery(1863),so after this 13th amendment the white americans still kept having a strong power over african americans

well what i mean by that is that despite the fact that blacks were officially relieved from slavery they suffered from other

kind of injuries like discrimination,poverty,violence there were many organizations,events(democratic party-klu klu klux

klan 1866- basically hanged black people and praised supremacy of white people and all that whithout any punishment

until 1871-outlawed) this kind of violence especially took place in the south which was totally against the abolition of

slavery and didn't hesitate to express clearly their feelings or more precisely their anger about the african americans

existence on their territory,so the government thought that a solution had to be found to content everyone or at least

almost everyone and respect the constitution so that's how came "The jim crow laws" (named after a racist song jump

jim crow)aka the equal but separates rules:it basically separated the blacks from the whites in terms of

everything,facilities,services supposedly on an equal way.Those events led to a real fight for equality and justice,blacks

struggled for their rights and shown the power that they had in order to gain their freedom, this is how the notion is

related to my issue , in this dark time there was a big struggle of power between the blacks and the whites.

So in aim to respond to my issue I've...
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