African Americans in Civil War

Topics: 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Frederick Douglass, Robert Gould Shaw Pages: 2 (268 words) Published: May 23, 2013
54th Massachusetts Regiment
* One of the first black units in the war
* Active from March 13, 1863-August 4, 1865
* Authorized by MA governor John A. Andrew
* Col. Robert G. Shaw
* Col. Edward N. Hallowell
* Colonel Robert Gould Shaw
Colonel Robert Gould Shaw
It was 1,100 African American troops
Took part in 5 battles:
* Battle of Grimball’s Landing
* Second Battle of Fort Wagner
* Battle of Olustee
* Battle of Honey Hill
* Colonel Edward Needles Hallowell
Colonel Edward Needles Hallowell
The 54th Massachusetts Regiment charging Fort Wagner.
The 54th Massachusetts Regiment charging Fort Wagner.
Battle of Boykin’s Mill

Frederick Douglass
* Born in February 1818 (no day is known)
* Born as Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey
* Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts
* Died February 20, 1895 (about 77)
* He was an abolitionist, author, editor, and diplomat
Two spouses:
* Anna Murray-Douglass (1838-1882)
* Helen Pitts (1884-1895)
* Harriet Bailey and probably Aaron Anthony
* Traveled to Britain and Ireland often
* Also spoke about many other causes like women’s rights * “I would unite anybody to do right and nobody to do wrong.”

Role of African Americans
* 180,000 blacks served in 163 units for Union
* Many also served in the Navy
* Some blacks fought for the Confederates, they thought they had to be loyal * Robert E. Lee also tried to muster black soldiers, he only got 40-50 * The organization for colored troops was the United States Colored Troops (USCT) * The first AA unit was the 1st Kansas Colored Volunteers * After European nations heard about the bondage, they supported the Union * The blacks fought for the 13th amendment, which abolished all slavery
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