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"Blue Jeans" Blue jeans didn't start out as a symbolic way to show status, but a workman's trousers. Later on when Jacob Davis joined the Levi Strauss firm he gave "genes" the look of copper riveting on the pockets and other places on the pants. A century later blue jeans became an expression for artists, bikers, and other individuals that wanted a certain look. Because the hard workers and people from the west had been wearing the blue jeans they provided the look of ruff, tuff, and different.

What's amazing about blue jeans is the evolution of them from trousers for the workers to a fashion statement all over the world. By the 1960's blue jeans were accepted by even higher class of people. The reason for such an acceptance could be said to have come from the marketing techniques of the blue jean manufactures.

Soon enough blue jeans themselves took on status. American paid much more for jeans coming from Europe even though the design came from what young Americans were wearing. Then came the idea of fringing and fading to add a new edge the jean fashion world. Once the marketers saw what young America was doing they started producing already faded and fringed jeans.

Slap a designer name on the back of blue jeans and the jeans take a whole new status symbol. Put some nail heads to rhinestones on, size them to "fit" women and men and jeans leave the idea of uni-sexulity. So to say, as it is evident in the past jeans fashion still have lots of twist and turns to come. It yet will have new ways to represent our masculinity and femininity age and sex.
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