Jay Z Bing Questions

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Marketing Pages: 1 (92 words) Published: December 2, 2014
Jay-Z Bing Questions
1. What different IMC components did the Jay-Z–Bing campaign use? Were these marketing elements integrated, in the sense defined in this chapter? IMC Components:
Public Relations
Online Marketing
Outdoor advertising: billboards, TV, radio, posters
Search engines: Bing’s search, Street-mapping, create public art Broad media strategy: Sent out clues for scavenger hunt through social network: Facebook, Twitter, and Bing page Open source publishing:

2. How might the various interested parties (e.g., Jay-Z, his publisher, Droga5, Clear Channel, Bing) measure the effectiveness of the campaign? Awareness, Knowledge, Attitude, Visit
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