Iphone Identity Prism

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IPhone Identity Prism

Week 6
Assignment: Communicate the Value
Communicate the Value: Brand Identity Prism and Integrated Marketing Communications Brief
Please develop two deliverables that would be used to instruct an external company that would be hired to develop an integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaign for your company. Please select a brand, and develop a brand identity prism and an IMC brief. Your deliverables will be presented in two to four PowerPoint slides that together amount to about 500–1,000 words. You will be developing a figure for the brand identity prism.

1. Brand Identity Prism

Introduce your brand and work through a brand identity prism as demonstrated in the Week 3 Lecture and below.

An example of the Polo brand identity prism is below.

From casual to formal
Always comfortable
Social distinctiveness
Comfortable young men
Good social standing
Nice and rich
Ideal son-in-law
Boston elitism
I belong to my time
I am fashionable
I am the elite

2. IMC Brief

The brief should be a concise document that answers these questions. This will help guide the creative team that will formulate the IMC campaign.

Why are we developing a new IMC campaign?
What is the problem?
What is our objective (quantified)?

Who is the target customer?
Who are we trying to reach? What are the characteristics of the target market?
What is the message?
How does our target currently perceive us?
How would we like the target to perceive us?
What is the most persuasive idea we want to convey?
What creative guidelines do we have to consider (e.g., logo, font, corporate colors)?
When will the message be delivered?
What timeframe are we looking at for development and delivery?
Where will the message be delivered?
Which media will provide the most effective communications mix?
How much will it cost?

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