Viral Advertising in Facebook and Twitter Among Ust Students

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Chapter 1: Introduction
The significance of having to deal with the sense of purpose in everything that had been done is highly seen on this era. There is no other way in summarizing how the world is viewed with the ideals and perspectives as of what it has been dictated to, by the norms and regulations to what an individual has to be or must at least contain. The fact that media has solidified the foundations of billions of people of how they must move is then either a predicament for such insane follow-the-crowd theme or then the other way around. If and then that is the conclusion of our generation, along side with it, is the rise of business marketing, which advances to social hegemony, that of which may have been because of the need or want of fortune and success. It then defines that; marketers take advantages of such, or to a much lighter sense –an opportunist. To how it is then connected is through the role of advertising. It is the common denominator of the two subjects as of what was mentioned earlier, respectfully with the former, the world of media, and the latter, the marketing aspect. Its greatest pet as of today would be the social media, in other terms –social networking sites. To further understand what the study is about, we the must at least identify the values that advertisers used to create such viral ads. May it be of the themes or genres, possibly intertwined with the audiences it was passed on, in which, former studies suggested that sex, humor and violence are the best at enticing mass audiences of youth ranging from 18-30, who has extroverted personalities or possibly engaged in outgoing activities. While to reach the other side of the masses, an idea of stirring up an emotion, either by scaring or shocking is another way of capturing the said viewers as for the passed-on viral ad.

Fortunately this idea is considerably a known fact as of as a grounding situation here in Philippines. The gradual change of people from being connected to every known issue is basically an obvious character of the Filipinos, though not entirely for the sake of gossip and stalking but because of mere curiosity since public disclosure through the social media is widely known. But then to what extent does this phenomenon has reached to? The research will then disclose the variables of how effective are these so-called viral ads inside of such social networking sites, specifically Facebook and Twitter among the college students of University of Santo Tomas.

This then further implies of how the other researchers have strategized this said study but of course, that is on their specific area or location alone. US studies have lately seen (2011 update) how it has treaded the advancing media concerning to what level of issues it has reached. The sense of finding what is entertaining and what is leisurely, or probably the sense of belongingness, or socialization are one of the factors in joining the social media world, which is then an opportunity to be connected to viral ads.1 Since also then, if the said issues in viral ads as of in the States are of genres that are related to sex, violence and comedy2, what does a catholic university have in for? Would advertising be not as viral as what “viral” ads should be? As of what the abstract of most founded research, it has concluded that this notion of which how to start a viral ad is by means also a mere good approach.1 That is one basic foundation in handling an audience --never stop in your approach, or never stop in persuading. As of what it is to be salesman, (though our idea here is the advertisers’ perspective) well, the two seem not that different. The tactic may differ but as for its strategy, both are parallel. Another conflicting idea is that the cultural aspect as it is the US, and as for this research, is that, the idea is located here in the Philippines.

To then clarify and be clear of what is...

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