Java Programming

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GE217: Composition II
Week 1 – Lesson 1 – Writing Assignment
Pros and Cons

"The Case Against Tipping"
Pros Cons Generosity, Sharing means caring
Seems like a mandatory tax – Service already paid for
Promotes good service
No Discretion - Awkwardness when one doesn't tip
Primary income of employee
Becoming mandatory and not an option

"The Consequences of 'Carnage as Entertainment' "
Pros Cons Allows for the growth of imagination
Mind altering with greater appetite for violence and desensitization on good versus bad Information and Learning
Media propaganda and Fame glorification

“The Case Against Tipping”

Tipping has become just a normal expense already calculated into ones dining experience. It is understood that most services that provide us consumers a way to measure how satisfied we are with the experience of vending with a particular merchant; is done so through tipping.

It is agreed that there is a sense of awkwardness when a tip or rather not tipping a service provider is frowned upon and received with malice. It is then that one may build a reputation on being a cheapskate and in case one is a repeat customer; their next dining experience may not be so sweet. Having experience in the waitress field I know that there are those that are coined with the label of being a bad tipper and how service is not exceptional based upon that for the future.

It is however a shame that one's want in the service field to provide exceptional and great service to patrons is contingent upon how big of a tip they will get. Good service should simply be apart of the job regardless to the tip and the tip should be a show of merit for such good service provided.

"The Consequences of 'Carnage as Entertainment' "

Too much of the events that has arisen out of violence has...
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