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Jasmine's Papers

By jnash123 Sep 09, 2013 688 Words
Jasmine Nash
English 1101

My identity is music. Music is an open window into which we are. One only has to look through this window to see our moods, personality, and our hopes and dreams. When looking through this open window, I see myself caught in waves of sorrow in my own life. In between the phrases of music, my life is being told. When comparing my life to a music, I first have to start at the beginning with the title. In this case, title is my name, but with a lot more significance to it. It's the most important part of a piece because it foreshadows how my life is going to play out. When people hear the name "Jasmine", they often think of the flower. Most of the time it's petals are ghostly white and beautiful. It's leafs are a dark shade of green and it usually blooms in the spring. It's also known for its sweet yet calming smell. The Jasmine I'm talking about has deep secrets behind her eyes and smile and she's not so beautiful and calm. In music, I compare my troubles and tribulations with the lyrics. Towards the middle of the piece, it begins to build up. When I was around 9 years old, my mom passed away from failure to receive a liver transplant. This hit my family hard and to this day, we are still haunted by the day God took her away. Since this is the middle of the piece, it's starting to have emotion and deep feelings within it. Anger, hurt, and sorrow was what I was feeling when my mom passed away. I was confused and mad at the world. I didn't quite understand why people had to die since I was only 9 after all. There was always a question of why and to this day, there still is. As we keep going throughout our piece of music, we soon come to the melody. The melody a major key part of our piece and it's often found to be very relaxing but it can also be said to be very loud. In this case, it is very soft. Throughout my previous years at school, I was very shy and kept to myself. I went through a hard time with trying to fit in with my peers. I was considered an outcast and I was constantly walked upon and mistreated. I soon came to terms with myself that I didn't deserve to be treated like I was. It took me a while but I eventually got up the strength and fought back. I didn't let people step on me anymore and came out of my shell. I became strong and even made a few friends. The melody starts getting louder with every positive step I take in the right direction. Almost everyone has a climax point in their lives. When I hear the climax in a piece of music, I feel powerful and sometimes overwhelmed. It brings a sense of calmness over me that I don't want to let go of. Throughout the angelic tones of the music, I find the real Jasmine again and find a sense of piece. (NEEDS WORK) Soon after the climax, the piece tends to reside and fall back into it's original state. Everyone goes through trials in their lives which are either positive or negative. Sometimes they're heated moments, and sometimes there are calm ones. Throughout my life there have been events that haven't made sense or fit into place. I would always seek help to find answers to my unanswered questions and try to make the best out of what I had. I soon learned that my life can be compared to music. The title is my name, the melody is my story, the climax is the time where I struggled and the recession is when I found piece in it all and became a better person. We all have our troubles but the important thing is that it all works itself out in the end. If not, then it's not the end.

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