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Topics: Piano, Love, Debut albums Pages: 4 (727 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Intermediate piano/2BOctober 8,2013Ah-Leek Mitchell Multi-Song Review
Max Schneider covers
“Breakeven”,”Treasure”,And “ Waiting on the world to change”



Waiting on the world to change:

I’m doing my project on the selections from a singer who has capture my ears with

his music “Max Schneider” He had done a few covers on YouTube he has also created

some of his own songs. He has been television shows (such as “beauty and the beast”)

and movies (such as Disney channel’s “Rags”).the songs i have selected are in my own

words” the only ones i like that are backed up with a piano”.”breakeven was originally

song by The Script (an alternative band).Treasure was originally song by Bruno Mars ( an

also features Megan Nichole in the cover).Last and least :Waiting on the world to

When the first song “Breakeven” came on the piano solo was amazing. The tempo

was at a moderate tempo. Then i observed that no more then about 11secs in the first

verse started .The song had the line had so much hate in them but you could feel the

sadness from the tone of the music.The words read a story of a heartbreak (“cause when a

heart breaks .....”)and the man is in an asylum or prison (“cause i got time and she got

freedom”) or its a metaphor saying that he is sad and he feels like he’s in a prison.I

personally love songs that use their title in the song. I also like how the singer is a tenor

and can reach song alto parts.

I tried through the whole song of “ breakeven”but couldn't tell whether or not it was

in flat or sharp. I really fell in love with this during the Vamp i was just like wow. The

pianist had so much...
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