Japan Tsunami

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The stress

No one can be free from stress today. The stress is origin of all kinds of disease. Everybody knows that our life can't be separated from stress. For example, Students when the examination approaches, psychologically are insecure transgression. Also the stress against it is many. There is not a place which will be solved but properly. Worker has a lot of stress. Close imminence, overwork, dining together, Incoming partner, Honor retirement or horror retirement. Mother stress is many. child, livelihood, sons and daughters enter in upon studies. Only it knows, the many people are having stress. There's an old saying, "Enjoy it if we can't escape it." It is a job and to dissatisfied solution method there is a multi branch. The students the stress are many about test and subject. (University student standard) When enters into the university, thinks the thing which will be freedom and romantic feeling. To now goes the work, to be difficult also the competitive rate is high. A recently, invests many time in self-development. Does to study English eagerly, also the record does the nerve bitterly. For the success of oneself and necessity but, to make the many stress get becomes. When lets alone the stress, becomes tiredly. The tiredness is a possibility of being joined together in all kinds of disease. When the stress is many and the power of concentration decreases. Does to release the stress consequently. Every the person the method which releases the stress is different. In compliance with a question investigation, intends, motion and chattering, gluttony, music listening and games. First, the many answer is sleeping. Sleep sleeps thoroughly and when, is refreshing. Sleeps but too...
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