Japan and China, the Unforgetten War

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Melissa Tartaglia
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China and Japan

China and Japan are two different countries with two different cultures. Both of their values are different and both of their economies are different. A lot of times, being in the United States, we really don’t understand the differences between two countries that seem so similar to us. Yet, in reality, they are so different that sometimes we need a better understanding of what really goes on behind the scenes of both countries.

China and Japan face many primary issues. Many years ago China and Japan become rivals. In the late 1800’s Japan and China went into a major war, calling this the Nanjing Massacre. In 1937 Japanese soldiers came into China and murdered, raped, and looted many of China’s people. One of their main issues is the economy. Before the 1980’s Japan was the giant of Asia, since than China has overpowered Japan, including taking over the United States as a major trading partner. Another issue is the oil pipeline off in the large oil fields in eastern Siberia. This issue took place in 2004 where Japan was bidding for their side to control the oil field and China was bidding for their side. Eventually Japan won.

The Chinese government has worked hard to facilitate the separation of China and Japan. In recent years, the Chinese and Japanese people have protested against each other, leaving the government to control what is going on. The Chinese government has been able to control any rioting and made sure that if any erupts, they have it under control. Basically, the Chinese government is making sure that the Japanese know they don’t have any hard feelings from the past issues, which happened over 60 years ago. More recently, China and Japan have been battling over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, which falls on the international border, which is creating another battle for both countries. The Chinese government has also increase military expenses.

“The winners...

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