Janet Flanner

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9 September 2014
Columnist, Diarist, or Simply a Writer Doing What She Loved: Janet Flanner A major part in my formal paper that I plan to toughly talk about is Janet Flanner’s writing style and how it was so much different than other writers of that same time period. These quotes and explanations are a big start on Flanner’s creativity and writing style. Janet Flanner was surrounded by known writers that all flocked to Paris for one thing, to write. Karen L. Rood once wrote, “The writer took an active interest in her fellow Americans in Paris; she was friends with writers Gertrude Stein and Margaret Anderson, and was particularly impressed by Sylvia Beach's Shakespeare and Co. Bookshop” (“Janet Flanner). Although Flanner was inspired by these writers, she took a much different approach in her own writings. “Poetry they are not, nor fiction, nor formal history nor, after the war freed her from wisecracks, was she a professional humorist, though her Midwestern ways with common sense and with debunking the proud made her cousin to Mark Twain and George Ade. No busybody she, no reformer, do-gooder, brave bullyboy, or butinsky. . . . The format of her own writing is closer, I think, to an English model. Let us call her a diarist. Columnist won't do; she was personally too reticent for that,” Virgil Thomson stated in New York Review of Books in regards to Flanner's pieces (“Janet Flanner”). Thomson explains how she had her own style of writing, a style that worked for her in both Paris and New York. She combined her humor, common sense, columnist experience, and the English novel to create her own way of writing which she expressed through her freestyle writings, New Yorker features and novel, The Cubical City. Works Cited

“Janet Flanner." 2004. Books & Authors. Gale. Gale Internal User 9 Sep 2014

Cited: “Janet Flanner." 2004. Books & Authors. Gale. Gale Internal User 9 Sep 2014
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