Jane Eyre Mr Rochester Only Loves Jane for Her Purity

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Jane Eyre

Mr Rochester only loves Jane for her purity

Charlotte Bronte was born 2 April 1861, third of the six children of Patrick Brontë and Maria Branwell Brontë. In all her childhood was a sad one. Her mother died in 1821, with her absence, she and two of her older sisters were sent to a school. Conditions there were bad, even for the standard of the time. It was not long before both her sisters became ill and were sent home, where they both dies in the spring of 1825. Proceeding this her father brought her and another sister who had recently joined back home, but through her description of Jane’s school it is obvious that she never forgot. Charlotte married for a very brief period at the end of her life. Her father had forbidden it but she married anyway. This proves that she knew love, unlike many people of her time she was not forced in to her marriage because of money or convenience. This is something that she was very much against, or so we can infer from her writing, refusing to marry St John because she was still in love with Rochester. But, throughout the book we find that there are very few times when she receives the love she gives. In what might be argued the most important relationship in the book, Jane’s love to Rochester goes unrequited.

When Mr Rochester is able bodied he was always “arrogant” and “proud”. He played with Jane a lot. In the first proposal, leading her to believe that he was to marry Blanche Ingram “’Mr Rochester is to be married?’ ‘Yes; and to the beautiful Miss Ingrm.’”. He was very cruel to her. Inconsiderate, especially because he doesn’t let Jane know that it is in fact her who he would be marring. He must know that she loves him but he continued anyway. His actions were cruel and, because he knew how it would hurt her, so were his intentions. Not only did he not let her know whom he was marring but he was also already married. A betrayal on both sides if he did marry Jane, all that time he was in full knowledge...
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