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a Lady, a governess During the Victorian Times, being a governess was a good occupation for middle- class women who wanted to keep their status. To work as a governess was not an easy job, but it was one of the few opportunities for women to get a job. In the novel Jane Eyre, the role of the governess is well represented as Jane is humble and submissive, she has to teach and take care of Adele and her social status is above servants but below her master. To become a governess you had to...

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The Turn of the Screw's True Villian

minute I began to feel what it truly was that I held. We were alone with the quiet day, and his little heart, dispossessed, had stopped(James 120). When examining the scene one may think that it was the governess who physically strangled the boy. If this is not the case then the governess was the one who scared the young boy to death. Edmund Wilson an American writer, critic and social commentator discusses this in his critical essay, “The Ambiguity of Henry James.” Instead of persuading him...

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“We produce destructive people by the way we treat them in childhood.”An exploration of the lasting impact of childhood in Jane Eyre and Great Expectations.

use of the imperative mood highlights his superior power. Therefore with Jane being around such an environment would rub off on her as well as well as in previous years when she lived with Mrs Reed. Once Jane leaves Lowood house and becomes a governess at Thornfield, she meets Mr Rochester and immediately feels attracted to him. This is evidence that Jane could be seeking a father-figure in Mr Rochester as she loves him so much yet so quickly. Jane growing up with her favourite uncle having died...

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Jane Eyre Ap Question

even receive sympathy. Furthermore, Jane shows the result of a lifetime of belittlement because of her appearance in chapter 26 when Mr. Rochester – the master of the manor she works as a governess – attempts to give her jewelry, squirming “Don’t address me as if I were a beauty; I am your plain, Quakerish governess”; even after he rebuttles that Jane “(is) a beauty in my eyes”, she ‘corrects’ him in saying, “Puny and insignificant, you mean”. Jane has gotten used to cruelty and biased behavior towards...

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How Does James Seek to Disturb and Involve the Reader in the Turn of the Screw

describing her first impressions of Bly. For example when the governess says “I remember as a thoroughly pleasant impression the broad, clear front, its open windows and fresh curtains and the pair of maids looking out” readers are provided with clear imagery of what the governess is seeing, therefore enabling readers to identify with the protagonist and view the situation from her perspective. This intimate identification with the governess later contributes to the disturbance of readers as, when the...

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Henry James’ the Turn of the Screw

to the governess. During the prologue, Douglas mentions that he was coming home from school when he met the love of his life. “I was at Trinity, and I found her at home on my coming down the second summer.” (p. 293) This could possibly be the summer when he was expelled from school and found his sister’s new governess. “She was a most charming person, but she was ten years older than I. She was my sister's governess.”(p. 293) He refers to the governess as his sister’ and since the governess was mainly...

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Jane Eyre

was only covered by a grassy mound: but now a grey marble tablet marks the spot, inscribed with her name, and the with the word ‘Resurgam.’” The next we see of Jane it is ten years later, she is eighteen years old and leaving Lowood to become a governess at Thornfield. Bronte gives Thornfield a gothic image, “both my and spirit seemed drawn from the gloomy house.” All throughout the book Bronte has repeatedly conveyed things as dark and gloomy, which gives the reader a sense of a gothic theme. Thornfield...

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Paranormal Experience Jane Eyre

remembers the Bessie and her old stories showing that once Jane knows someone, she is unlikely to forget him/her. It also shows her liking for Bessie as she takes her stories seriously and refers to them throughout the novel. When Jane becomes a governess at Thornfield, Rochester takes interest in three watercolor imaginative landscapes she painted while at Lowood School. They reveal her great awareness for dreams. Jane describes the drawings as visions of her "spiritual eye" and notes, "The subjects...

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jane eyre as a bildungsroman novel

Eyre experiences a huge emotional transition when she no longer feels like a wanderer but gains a sense of belonging through the care of Miss Temple and the support of Helen. After Jane finishes her education at Lowood, she applies and becomes the governess of Adele where she will work at Thornfield. At Thornfield, Jane meets Mr. Rochester and experiences the most powerful emotion - love. Love makes Jane brave and mature. Her relationship with Mr. Rochester makes her fell confused but respected. She...

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Jane Eyre: Temptations to Self

without sacrificing her sense of self in the process. Therefore, love is the greatest quest in Jane Eyre as well as the greatest temptation to a life without morality and equality. During Jane’s first few months at Thornfield, her position of governess and her growing love interest for her master become a temptation to her identity and her reverence for equality. Edward Rochester is an established man and Jane’s employer; he naturally designates himself in command. Jane is a passionate young lady...

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