James Joyce biography

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James Joyce

A celebrated Irish author whose intimate and insightful portrayal of human nature, coupled with his mastery of language and stylistic inventiveness, has made an indelible mark on modern literature. He is most well-known for his development of a literary technique known as stream of consciousness, which is a narrative mode that aims to depict the thoughts, images and associations of a character’s mind, sometimes known as interior monologue. His most famous and ambitious novel, Ulysses, is an exemplar of this kind of style. Born in Dublin as the eldest of ten children to a middle-class Irish family in 1882. As a child, he was sent to an elite boarding school; however, some years later he was forced leave due to his father’s drinking and financial mismanagement, which led to the entire family slipping into poverty. Joyce continued his studies at home and, after reading Henrik Ibsen’s When we dead awaken, he taught himself Norwegian in order to read it in the original. Later he attended University College Dublin where he studied English, French and Italian. After completing his B.A. he published three short stories, which later appeared in Dubliners. Meanwhile he met his wife, Nora Barnacle, on June 16th, 1914, which he named ‘Bloomsday’, the day in which the story of Ulysses takes place. Joyce began travelling widely throughout Europe, mainly throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and he eventually settled for a time in Trieste in Northern Italy. He held a number of jobs mostly English teaching positions in order to finance his writing. However, his financial problems persisted as did his health: he suffered from a chronic eye condition which often left him blind. After World War One he moved to Paris at Ezra Pound’s invitation and it was there that he published Ulysses. Afterwards he began to enjoy critical acclaim and some success as an avant garde writer. His daughter’s mental illness caused him much anguish, and he died after surgery...
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