The Dead

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Gaofeng Li
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The Dead
In the novel The Dead, Gabriel Conroy, who is the nephew of Julia and Kate Morkan, is the main character of the story. One night he and his wife attended a party, which was given by his two aunts, and there were many other members in the party. The story revolves around their life and memories.Gabriel Conroy felt a blur between his soul and the dead. Some people died, but they are still alive because they have true love. Some people are alive, but they are still dead because they never love.I like the story for three reasons. First, the of content Gabriel's speech at the party impressed me a lot. James Joyce, who is a genius writer, is like all other Irish writers, he loveshis land and people very much. Gabriel is the substitute of his own. “He ran over the headings of his speech: Irish hospitality, sad memories, the Three Graces, Paris, the quotation from Browning. He repeated to himself a phrase he had written in his review: One feels that one is listening to a thought-tormented music.” (Joyce, 134) However, in the story, Miss Molly Ivors, who is his female colleague, misunderstands his feelings for his homeland because of his plans of European travel. In his speech, Gabriel is very angry and upset. He compared the difference between two generations of the people of Ireland.In fact, he meansMiss Molly Ivors who represented a new generation of highly educated person loses the ability to think with her mind. Her patriotism is the result of rational thinking, it is hypocritical morality. However, this is not the focus point. The point is that we feel Gabriel feel angry about the same generation, and he even cannot communicate with them. “It unnerved him to think that she would be at the supper-table, looking up at him while he spoke with her critical quizzing eyes. Perhaps she would not be sorry to see him fail in his speech. An idea came into his mind and gave him courage. He would say, alluding to Aunt...
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