James Baldwin Writing Responce

Topics: Writing, Language, English language Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: October 5, 2008
I was first very interested by this essay. Then I first read it, I did not agree with most of what he had to say. There a few points that Baldwin brings up, but I am filled with conflicting ideas. Unfortunately for me, the three questions to answer imply that you agree with Baldwin’s opinion. Therefore, in order to answer them honestly, I must confess my disagreements. Throughout the essay he represses the term Dialect. Dialect is what defines someone. He says, “Language, incontestably, reveals the speaker.” I must disagree with that statement. Dialect is what defines the speaker, and language is what reveals, not the speaker, but, the audience. You speak the same language with another to communicate, what reveals you, or where you are from, culture, etc, is the way you speak that language. Changing a word or two, cutting a letter out, or using improper grammar does not give you the right to say that you speak another language. Baldwin believes that language is supposed to reveal who you are and where you are from; your social status. To write English in a way that is proper reveals that you know the language well. If a person reads your writing, that ‘spell-check’ does not disagree, he will only determine your writing style and nothing about your speech, not where you are from, or what you look like. Only when you reveal yourself and speech, will a person know. The altercation in speech between one another is not called a different language but dialect. This means, that the functions of language is to communicate. The type of language you select is chosen by where you reside, or by your choice. It will not tell anyone anything else about you. To say that Black English is a language is to say that my English is a language. Why shouldn’t everyone just have they’re own English languages? I not only speak with a French accent but I use terms and phrases from all different types of people and literature. Telling people that Black English is a language is a disgrace...
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