La Amistaad

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, John Quincy Adams, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: October 29, 2014

BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN COMMUNITY COLLEGECity University of New YorkCenter for Ethnic Studies J.C. Polanco, Esq., MBAHistory of the Dominican Republic
Economic Development of the Dominican Republic
Reflection assignment from
The Amistad response is worth 100 points and it is due Tuesday on in no later than September 23, 2014 at 5:00 pm. For this assignment you have two options. Pick one either the scene option or the paper option. Reflection Questions

Each Scene is worth 10 points.
Scene 1: The Africans Revolt
Who is Cinque? What is his role on the Amistad?
Scene 2: Legal Claims
Baldwin says: "all of the claims here. . . speak to the issue of ownership." Is he correct? Scene 3: "One Task Undone"
Discuss Joadson's statement, that in founding America, the founding fathers left "one task undone, one vital task, [which] the founding fathers left to their sons, before their thirteen colonies could precisely be called United States," namely, "crushing slavery." What does this tell us about Joadson's understanding of the American Founding? Scene 4: "What Are They Worth?"

Based on the first lines of this scene, what is Joadson's goal in this case? Based on the dialogue between Tappan and Baldwin, what is Tappan's goal? What does Baldwin mean when he says, "Jesus lost"?

Why or how does Tappan, as an abolitionist, relate to Jesus? Why or how might slaves or captured free Africans relate to Jesus? How do these differ? What is problematic about Baldwin's attitude toward the case? What is virtuous in it, (especially in contrast to Tappan)? How can both Baldwin and Tappan claim to be talking about the "heart of the matter"? Scene 5: "Who They Are"

What is Adams advice to Joadson? Why is it important?
Scene 6: Two Brave and Excellent Men
What is different about this final appeal to Adams?
Why are two "brave and excellent men" necessary in this case, as opposed to the one necessary in the case of the...
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