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Jacksonian Democracy

By longptran Jan 06, 2012 768 Words
Long Tran 11A
November 17, 2011

Jacksonian Democracy

Andrew Jackson was elected as the 7th president of the United States from 1829-1837. During his time of presidency, it was known as the Jacksonian era. The states wanted more people to participate in politics so they eliminated the qualification office-holding. At this time most white men, women, and African American had no rights to speak in politics unless they were qualified to. This was the age of triumphant nationalism, economic growth, social perfectionism, cultural romanticism and the beginning of an era of divisive sectionalism. Jacksonian era promoted equality rights throughout the United States.

Andrew Jackson wanted to create a more secure and convenient system of local banks. Boston Daily Advertiser stated, “It has flourish the country with a safe convenient and copious circulating medium and prevented the mischief that would otherwise result from the insecurity of the local banks.” This shows us that Jackson wants to make United State safer. He also was determining to make U.S. more economically independent. Jackson stated, “The Bank of the United States…Enjoying…a monopoly of…favor and support, and, as a necessary consequence, almost a monopoly of the foreign and domestic exchange.” This means that he wants to stop the Bank from trading with foreign countries because of economical reasons. His whole purpose or goal of his presidency was to make the nation perfect. When he ran for presidency he was overdose with problems from left to right. Robert stated, “a period of boom and bust…of institutionalized violence, racial antagonisms, utopian communities, reform movement, and abolitionist crusade,” He want to stop and fix all of these problems that are happening in the U.S.

Jackson pursues and exterminates all Indians on the western side of the United States. Jackson stated repeatedly, “It was the policy to pursue if Indians tribes and culture were to survive.” Till this day it is still shameful that history has pass. Many Indians and White however never favored this policy. He also wanted the country to be more as united as one nation. He said if we work together and understand one another the government the government will grow stronger and protect the U.S. citizens from the European powers. Jackson stated, “This glorious Republic would soon be broken into a multitude of petty states armed for mutual aggressions, loaded with tax to pay armies and leaders, seeking aid against each other from foreign powers, insulted and tumbled upon by the nations of Europe until harassed with conflict, and humble debased in spirit.” He stated that if we divide our great nation we will end up having conflict with each other and other nations. He also mentions that they will break down the bridge and make a better one on the behalf of the people to unite with each other. Therefore Jackson did whatever e could to unite the country as one. He believed that if he makes everybody cares for each other the U.S. will grow stronger and protect their bonds as one nation.

Jackson era… Jackson wanted to impose an act to tax all imported items to help the economy of the domestic manufacturers. He stated, “by various acts, purporting to be act buying and collecting duties and impost all foreign imports, but in reality intended for the protection of domestic manufacturers.” Therefore he wanted the U.S. to industrialize and grow economically. He imposed the policy that made the 1st amendment stronger to protect and hear the middle or lower classmen of the United States. He stated, “But when the law undertakes and adds to these natural and just advantages artificial distinction…and elusive privileged…the humble members of society the farmers, mechanics, and laborers…have the rights to complain of the injustice of their government.” This shows that the citizens have the right of free speech and talk or complain about their government. He led the extinction of the Indians for economical and safety reasons. He took their land and created more money. He also stop the trade between the European countries. This led to the industrial revolution growth of the United States of America.

Jackson created a new world for the people to live equally, politically and economically. He was known as the Jacksonian ere, the era of good feelings. He created an equality of the government and awoken the industrial revolution. He made the country more independent and there for the perfectionalism in America. They form a society where anybody can talk about the government without their consent. This was an era of great feelings.

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