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Topics: Manifold, Structure, Dimension Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: January 8, 2013
The first dimension found by Hofstede’s analysis of POWER DISTANCE involves human inequality in areas such as prestige and power. Istanbul University has a high power distance. In the structure of universities organization held some in higher status than others, which gives them the ability to influence and determine the behaviors of others such as students, clerks and academics. Higher status have some privileges and symbols like ’prof’. As we can see the units are separated such as classrooms, administrative offices in the building we can see the centralization is exist. There is an autocratic and hierarchical structure on management and all tasks and rules are well defined.

The second dimension of UNCERTANITY AVOIDENCE is high for Istanbul University. Result of that rules and the tasks are established in detail by procedures. The academic calendar is announced for a year and fixed in order to avoide any uncertainty and stress. There is no exceptions for anybody and mechanism is working based on defined rules. Motivation for employers is security.

Another dimention by Hofstede is INDIVIDUALISM is low and we can see collectivistic cultures in IU in which people are integrated into strong, cohesive in-groups, and these groups, in return for unquestioned loyalty. Everyone think in terms of We than I.Harmony is maintained, and confrontation is avoided within structure. Management is management of groups than individuals and there is low occupational mobility in organization.

Analysis of IU about MASCULINITY the last original forth dimention of Hofstede, is low and we can define the structure is femininity. There is smaller gender wage gap and we can see same amount of men and women in organization. This dimension relates to the importance of earnings, recognition, advancement, challenge, cooperation,and employment security.Working or studying is seen as a method to have some earnings which are required for living, small and slow are considered...
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