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Google Inc.

1) Introduction

Google was established in 1995. It is registered as a domain on September 15 and founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both of them started out by collaborating on a search engine called Backrub. It is a search engine which operates on Stanford servers for some time which resulted in excessive bandwidth usage. A fun fact – “Googol” is a mathematical term for number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. The term reflects Larry and Sergey’s task to put up an infinite amount of information onto the virtual world. (Google, 2008) 2) SWOT Analysis

1. One of the best and preferred search engines in the world. 2. Google has instant search features that have relevant information. 3. Good financial situation

1. Dependent on a specific source of income.
2. Loss-making products
3. Always involved in copyright issues that are time consuming which distracts Google from innovating. Opportunities:
1. Google is faster compared to other search engines due to the fiber cable. 2. Instead of focusing on search engines alone, Google have evolved into electronics industry 3. Their profits increase tremendously due to the hike of mobile internet users. Threats:

1. Competition from other search engines like Yahoo, Microsoft and Bing 2. There is a growing number of mobile users
3. Lesser people are making searches on their computer which will result in a decline in profits.

3.1 Political

Previous organization have not prominently disrupted Google’s management despite Google facing tensions from the Justice sector to renounce documented search terms and from the chinese officials to remove search results. Googles’s slogan of “don’t be evil” has been tested as operators question if working with the officials compromises their confidentiality and liberty. In 2008, Google replied to consumer apprehensions due to the addition of a privacy link to their homepage. The link divert consumers to a privacy centre in which they can be educated in regards to Google’s course of action towards political problems. (B.Morrow, 2008)

3.2 Economic

United States is presently in a downturn with stock trading at a low of 52 week. However, Google is unaffected because Internet-based advertisements have become a fundamental to the world economy. An online magazine article stated that Google is well positioned to withstand the downturn. The reason why Google is more recession proof than other search engines is because it’s central point is highly targeted and considerable advertising. The decisive need to stay briefed and continually connected ensures that such services are still active despite the economy downturn. (B.Morrow, 2008)

3.3 Socio-Cultural

Since the advent of the world wide web, people are more connected than ever. Search engines such as Google help us sieve out relevant information from the wealth of data online. Even as the use of Internet continues to gain popularity across the globe, dependence on such online search engines would only increases. Furthermore, many people now use mobile phones with data plan that allows them to surf Internet wherever they are. Most people would make use of the Internet to find eating places, get driving directions, get news update etcetera. Online search engines would thus stand to gain from the escalation of search enquires. (B.Morrow, 2008)

3.4 Technological

Technology is improving and Google is taking a particular measure to ensure that it does not fall behind. Google uses cheap computer parts that can be bought and sold, making sure that every component will always have a duplicate. Google attach the components with Velcro instead of screws because it allows quicker swapping and upgrading of the components. (B.Morrow, 2008)

3.5 Legal

Google is currently facing a legal case filed by the European Union. Being the leader of the Internet search engines, it is believed that Google has been...
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