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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2
2. The Background of Italy 2-3
3. Culture Analysis of the Italy 3
3.1 Italian History Influences to Italy 3-4
3.2 The Religion of Roman Catholicism Impacts in Italy 4
4. Recommendation for doing Global Business in Italy 4-5
4.1 Respect Different cultural customs 5
4.2 Well-managed Cross Culture Management 5-6
4.3 Follow the religion characteristics of Roman Catholic 6 5. Conclusion 6
6. References 7-8

1. Introduction
This is an individual assignment to discuss culture characteristics and its effects to a business environment. Thus, this assignment will show the understanding of the culture importance, and providing the methods for cross culture management. For the full-scale of culture application to business environment cognitive competencies, this assignment will discuss the culture characteristics, analyze the culture for international business operation, study the culture synthesis, and then give recommendations according to the applications of business environment in particular. According the requirement of this assignment, I have chosen the country of Italy to complete the tasks of this assignment.  

2. The Background of Italy
Italy is a unified peninsula country in the south of Europe, and it looks like a boot in the world map. The neighbour countries of Italy are surrounded by Andorra, Monaco, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania and Greece. The total size of Italy is 116306 square miles. Italy has total 1120 cities; the largest cities are including Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo and Genoa. Whereby, Rome is the capital city of Italy, and whose main religion is Rome Catholic. Italian is the official language in Italy. Never the less, the 96% of the native Italians speak Italian. The other regional dialects in Italy are including German, Catalan, Greek, French, Slovenian, Albanian, Corsican, Cimbrian, Bavarian, Walser and Croatian (, 2014). As we know that Italy is a free state to educate all nationalities in Italy with European standard. In Italy, 3 years old children can start their kindergarten, 5- 5.5 years old children can start their 5 years primary school education without of examination, 11 to 14 years old children must start their First Grade Secondary School for 3 years with exams, 14 to 17 years old teenage can start their Second Grade Secondary School (High School) for 3-5 years, exams are required, and they will obtain a diploma certificate according to different faculty requirements.

3. Culture Analysis of the Italy
According to the assignment requirements, I have chosen the history & religion of Italy to analyze the culture of the Italy in the following parts.

3.1 Italian History Influences to Italy
Being a united peninsula nation with so much land today, Italy was led by few great leaders to overcome all of the difficulties, wars, and monarchies until 1870. The history of Italy was started by Indo-European immigrants since 2000 B.C. to 1000 B.C. In its 3rd century B.C., Romans overthrown Indo-European and dominated the civilization of Etruscan until the 4th & 5th century A.D. In 1800, Mr. Napoleon unified Italy and declared himself as the Italy king in 1805. However, he did not last long. A brilliant liberal nationalist, Mr. Giuseppe Mazzini formed the Risorgimento being the foundation of Italy unity. Mr. Count Camille Di Cavour, the leader of House of Savoy in Sardinia united Italy in 1852, and he obtained the lands of Lombardy, Romagna, Tuscany, Parma, Sicily, and Naples. In 1861, Italians claimed Victor Emmanuel II as their king, who received Venetia in 1886. Finally, the papal of Rome announced Italy is a unified peninsula nation independently with one constitutional monarchy on 20th September 1870 (, 2014).

Italy is a republic country with its own constitution desiring for peace...
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