Tesco Culture

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The analysis on the impacts, values and the significance of organizational culture in Tesco

Culture is one of the terms that have been becoming more familiar in the 21st century among the multinational companies all around the world. The world has been shrunken by the fasting travelling and communicating technologies which has brought down the barriers for the organisations having business in international market. But still then there are few barriers that make the international business critical and hard for everyone to succeed in it. This is due to the factor that the businesses have direct influence over the culture that is followed in the respective country where the business is carried out. So it would be interesting to know how far the culture has influence and supports the business along with the pros and cons in it. Tesco has the largest workforce in UK which is highly diversified. Again the continuous learning process all has impact from organisational culture. The influence of the culture in growth and development of the organization is very much seen in the organization. So the cultural impact is analysed and the significance of culture is evaluated with respect to Tesco.

* To evaluate what are the ways the culture is in relation with the business of Tesco * Make sure that the culture is along the success factor of the business in the organization * To How far the cross culture that is followed in the organization supports the business? * To evaluate the need for culture in Tesco

* To evaluate the cultural issues and manage properly in Tesco * Assess the vantages of the organization which is found to be highly diversified in Tesco * To understand the when would the organization needs to focus on the culture * Impacts on the organization when fails to manage cultural issues

Literature review
“Organizational culture is the values and beliefs of the people within an organization; it is the ‘personality’ of the organization.   It includes the assumptions, values and normalities of behaviour within the cultures” (McNamara, 1999).   “Just as tribal cultures have totems and taboos that dictate how each member will act towards fellow members and outside, so does the corporation’s culture influence employee’s actions towards customers, competitors, suppliers and one another” (Parker, 2002) which clearly describes that the culture could be understood by analyzing the human behavior. Organizational culture could be defined using three perspectives and they are integration, differentiation and fragmentation. It was defined by Martin and Meyerson in (1988)

“Cultures do not start from scratch” (Schein, cited in Frost et al, 1991), individual employees come from different backgrounds with different beliefs and assumptions. When the culture of the employee is not valued then the organization may fail to have employee’s loyality in most cases which makes the employee even uncomfortable to work. According to Meyerson, it is also important to acknowledge and identify the ambiguities that are related to the culture. This is because this may result in providing solution to the various cultural issues in the organization. In 1985 Charles Handy was concerned with career development from the point of view of both the organization and the individual’s ability to plan the right moves for success. He was a philosopher, educator, economist and business guru who addressed the organizational phenomena that contribute to both the successes and downfalls of business organizations. His work, identifies four cultures (i.e. power, role, task and person), provides a framework for examining and understanding organizational culture (Handy 1985). Scope

* Helps the organization to know the importance of cultural issues * Provides knowledge about managing the cultural issues
* Identify and understand the key dimensions of culture
* Helps to adapt the organization...
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