It's Always Sunny

Topics: Evolution, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mating Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: February 24, 2014

It’s Always Sunny Demonstrates Evolutionary Theories

All behavioral human traits are reflective of interactions between genes the environment which is described through the study of evolution and human behavior. One example of this is how a person’s adult height is shaped by their inherited genes, and also the nutrition they received as a child. The show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia demonstrates how humans interact with, and are affected by their environment. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s fifth episode called “Gun Fever” was featured during the shows first season. Paddy’s Pub experienced a breaking and entering and get their safe stolen. The police are not very helpful in the matter of finding the culprit, so the friends decide to buy a gun to protect themselves if anything similar occurs in the future. The action they took to buy this protection may have come from our brains design to solve the kinds of problems our ancestors also faced. When we are affected by something out of our control, environment of evolutionary adaptedness refers to the conditions under which human mental capabilities evolve. When people lived in foraging groups they faced certain kinds of problems that had an effect on their fitness and well-being. One essential part of life in a foraging group is sharing food which included having to interact with people when trading meats and vegetables. Scientists have hypothesized that because of this need, human cognition has been fine tuned to catch cheaters. In this episode the friends were faced with a challenge similar to detecting a cheater, assuming the robber was among their friend group. The theory of evolution that matches this situation describes how our brain is designed to solve this exact type of problem about people in a society. At the time of the robbery, Dee is dating a man who is known for dating “all hot bartenders in town”. When Dee tells him about the robbery he acts very surprised and a little too...

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