It Is Better To Be Feared Than Loved

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It is better to be feared than loved
Hello everyone, my name is Catarina and with Carolina and Rafael’s help, we are going to prove how and why we feel this statement is wrong. We believe that is way better to be loved than feared. Lets start with simple definitions. Fear is an unpleasant caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm. Why would you want people to feel this way about you? Do you think people will respect you more because they fear you? To be loved is to be held in deep affection, cherished by someone. Although the statement by Machiavelli is well known, and although he claims that to be feared is better than to be loved, I feel the opposite. How can we let one man in History, decide on which is better? His reasons against love are not well justified. Hs main argument is that if we continue to be generous, those around us will want more. Simple gestures such as being kind to one another or simply smile can show love and it is a much better way to know that people around you care about you. If you think like that, you understand that love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, only with what you are expecting to give, which is everything in relationships. Think about relations based on fear. Couples that stay together because they are afraid of the other person. In my opinion, there is no healthy relationships with fear. And no one can argue about this issue! What would be the world without love? And I’m not talking about “couples” love, but about everyday love. Love for your family, love for your neighbor, love for your pet. Just think about what would be this world and every single connection you have with others without love. I know the opponent (?) team will declare that being feared leads others to have respect for you. Please remember about I just said and if you really agree someone who is not loved can be respected. It is better to be loved.

Sometimes being feared by people helps you to get what you want but, along with...
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