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Definition of a Computer Engineer:

Computer engineers are combine experts in both electronic engineering and computer science who are required to develop hardware and software of a computer system.

Their duties:

* Analyze, design, & evaluate computer system for both hardware and software. * Planning, development, testing & supervision of manufacturing of computer hardware including everything from chips to device controllers. * Focus on computer networks for the transmission of data and multimedia * Focus on operating systems and programming as well.

* Create microprocessors to individual computer systems.
* Use their skills to help business solve all kinds of problem.

Types of engineers and careers:
- Hardware engineer
-Software engineer
-System engineer
-IT network engineer
-Electrical engineer
-Computer engineer
-Biomedical engineer
-Audio engineer
-Communication engineer
-An application engineer

* Specialist who works in various areas of computer hardware they research, develop, design, and test various computer equipment. Range from circuits boards and microprocessors to router - Monitoring functioning of equipment and making necessary modifications to ensure system operates in conformance with specifications. * Update existing computer equipment to be more efficient and work with newer software SOFTWARE ENGINEER

-Software engineer is a professional who specializes in developing computer programs. -Works with programmers and other individuals to create computer code for an application. Make entirely new software, or produce an update for existing work SYSTEM ENGINEER

* Works with a variety of specialists such as business professionals, network administrators and network security specialists to develop software to establish,...
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