Issues in Human Resources Management Simulation

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Issues in Human Resources Management Simulation

Human Resources Management functions involve a wide variety of activities ranging from assessing staffing levels and needs by way of recruitment to dealing with performance issues and ensuring that practices conform to company policies and procedures.

This week’s simulation started by showing Alexander the Great’s secret to his successful battles; which was in part from him inspiring and motivating his men in taking on impending challenges to where they craved victory not only for themselves, but for him as well. From this insight given, the class was informed of how businesses today can use those principals in achieving the same results with their employees; the power of people working together towards one goal, success. The following report is a summary of the simulation involving Human Resources Management issues.

Within the simulation, the class was asked to take on the role of the Human Resources Manager at the Cartwright-Porter Airport. Here, we will encounter employee-related problems that call for immediate and timely responses while applying Human Resource Management concepts in evaluating and arriving at the solutions.

Impacts of Specific Activities
Activity #1The first activity involved a complaint among 40 baggage handlers and how they were expending extra effort in carrying out their duties, which was due to the increase of passenger traffic at the airport. The handlers stated their compensation has not been a reflection of it. Senior management has requested that a review of the existing compensation structure be performed and to consider adding more benefits, if necessary, along with putting together a new compensation plan to include a mix of cash incentive and non-cash benefits.

The requirements of the position of baggage handler include a considerable amount of physical agility, able to have normal color vision, and to have familiarity with the operation of the entire...
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