IS4670 Unit 2 Lab 1

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 1 (195 words) Published: January 12, 2015
Unit 2 Lab 1
1) It is a fundamental protection for a person accused of a crime, which requires the prosecution to prove that you have indeed committed the crime to a jury of your peers. 2) Information received from others that cannot adequately substantiate. In the case of computer evidence, if an email was sent from my email account linking me to a crime, it is hearsay because there is no way to prove that I wrote it. 3) The system works as it should.

4) Yes, but only if it pertains to your skill set.
5) Knowledge about the particular topic.
6) No, states have different rulings on this matter.
7) Evidence based on innovative or unusual scientific knowledge may be admitted only after it has been established that the evidence is reliable and scientifically valid. 8) A drug causing birth defects, the important detail is that scientific research that was not yet accepted was being used in the case. 9) The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the science.

10) Frye V Unitied States.
11) California, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington. 12) Judge.
13) General Electric Co V Joiner, Kumho Tire Co V Carmichael. 14) Several countires are adopting the same law.
15) Justices Rehnquist and Stevens.
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