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Topics: Scientific method, Research, Statistics Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: July 1, 2013
Qualities of a Good Research Paper
1. Research is systemetic
>It follows an ordely and sequential procedure that leads to the discovery of the truth or solution. 2. Reseach is controlled
>All variables, except those that are tested or being experimented upon, are kept constant (not allow to chnge or vary) 3. Research is empirical
>All procedures employed and the data gathered are perceived in the same manner by all observers. 4. Research is analytical
>The data of all researchers have to be analyzed, presented and interpreted. 5. Research is objective, unbiased and logical
>All the findings and conclusions are logically based on empirical data. 6. Research employs hyphothesis
>Experimental research requires hyphothesis that need to be tested. Descriptive research, as a general rule, do not contain hypothesis but assumptions from specific questions are answered in the conclusion section. 7.Research employs qualitative or statistical methods

>Data are transformed into numerical measures and are treated statistically to determine their significant or usefulness.

Research Process
1. Research begins with an unaswered question in the mind of the researcher. 2. Research sees the goal in the clear statement of the problem. 3. Research subdivids the problem into appropriate subproblems. Each subproblem seeks guidance through an appropriate hypothesis. 4. Research posits tentative solutions in the problem (s) through appropriate hypothesis. 5. Research looks for facts directed by the hypothesis and guided by the problem. The facts are collected and organized. 6. Research interprets the meaning of the facts which leads to resolution of the problem; thus confirming or rejecting the hypothesis and providing an answer to the uestion which began to research cycle. 7. Research holds the hypothesis until all the facts are in and interpreted. At that point the hypothesis are...
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