is technology ruining society

Topics: Family, English-language films, Grandparent Pages: 2 (1032 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Memory Lane
Childhood is a funny thing really; you don’t remember most of it. I remember so little; some remember when they first learnt how to spell their name, not me. They are unpredictable, you can’t be like ‘oh this is going to be a memory I am going to remember’, and it’s not like that. I always wanted to grow up so I could explore the world and now all I want to do is worry about if my friend down the road is coming out. If someone was to say this is your childhood watch it, I wouldn’t recognise much, it would be like watching a movie for the first time. The only happy and cheerful memory of my childhood is this one. When I was little our main holidays where in Skegness. We would take our grandparents caravan as it was a caravan site, it was brilliant. It was the most exciting thing in my childhood. It would be me, my sister, my mum, my grandparents and my auntie Karen. My mum would drive in a separate car from me, my sister and grandparent’s. My sister and I would, play eye spy but I would cheat and change it every time she guessed correctly. I vaguely remember that my sister and I had been given bikes for that holiday. We had climbed up amount of sand, which when I was riding down I fell of my bike. My sister was nearly in tears because she was laughing that much, but I was in tears, they flooded from my eyes pouring down my face until they dropped off the end. My grandpa wasn’t too happy as it had just put new clothes on including my trendy new ‘reeboks’. He had to hose my bike down and wash all my clothes including my shoes. He was extremely angry with me for a full night and wouldn’t talk to me. The days where never boring whether it was going to the sea side to build sand castles, to see who could create the biggest one or to the local market to get a notepad and coloured pens to keep us occupied. The days zoomed into the night; the days had only felt like two hours. Before I knew it I was showering and changing into my outfit I had picked hours...
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