Is School Really Important

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Why should I go to school?
You might have asked the questions, why go to school? What is the practical value of school? Is school important? Well school will help you acquire wisdom and the bible in Ecclesiastes 7:12 says “wisdom is for a protection” and more so, “wisdom itself preserves alive its owners”.
With a good education, you have several strong friends at your side, these includes;
1. THINKING ABILITY: Going to school can help you develop what the bible calls “common sense and sound judgement”. Acquiring these skills will help you solve your own problems instead of always having to rely on others to bail you out.
2. SOCIAL SKILLS: this is our ability to communicate, interact or mix up with others. Mixing with a variety of people at school gives you plenty of opportunity to master qualities such as long-suffering, self-control, tolerance, respect and empathy. All these traits will serve you well in adulthood.
3. PRACTICAL TRAINING: school can teach you the value of having a strong work ethic which will help you get a job and keep it. Also the more you learn about the world around you, the better you will be to know who you are and what you believe.
How to succeed at school
1. GET ORGANIZED: Getting organized will save you the stress of forgetting things, running late and never seeming to have enough time for other priorities. We must avoid the “I’ll do it later” attitude. Do it now especially your homework. Make it a point to do your homework as soon as you get home, before turning on the TV or engaging in any other recreation.
2. GET HELP: you sure do need help to succeed at school. Seek assistance from family members, your teachers, your mentors, and even friends. An arrangement with a friend can have a two-fold benefit; first, you will get the assistance you need, and second, you will learn to rely on support when necessary - a practice that will benefit you in adulthood.
What is most important to note is that there is nothing wrong with asking

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