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Application of Project Management in IS Deployment
IS deployment and project management based upon case studies: “Imperative” IS Development
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It has been proven through industry research that successful IS project implementation and deployment consists of measurable project performance factors that have wide-spread impact on an organizations business goals and IS investment objectives. Taking a holistic approach to the application of effective and proven project management principles can ensure success to entirety and not just from a fragmented perspective.

The theories and models for success of project management has emerged into one of the most debatable topics discussed amongst project management experts and interest groups. As the diversity of project management theories are applied across a wide-range of industries, IS development is a common project that provides insight into the successes and failures directed related to the application of project management principles. In the case study, “How an “Imperative” IS Development was Saved from a Failing Course of Action” the Factors Approach, a methodology once commonly used by project management researchers to identify influential factors of success and failure within a project was replaced by the analytical evaluation of success and failure of internet based IS project from the context of organizational culture and influence thereof. According to the case study, from a project management perspective, organizational culture drives the people and operational syntax to the extent of developing baselines for workforce efficiency, organizational structure, hierarchal power, change, and flow of information and knowledge. Furthermore, organizational culture is stated to have played an integral role in the success of an IS project for which failure loomed. The objectives of the project included systematic overhaul of an existing system used to facilitate the financial transactions of over six thousand daily users in order to posture for future growth, develop architectural failover and redundancy, and streamline programming language to realize operational and cost efficiencies. Developmental training was also included as a project goal. Several critical factors of problematic failure were highlighted about the IS project: 1) lackluster approach to project management; 2) reliance on third party consulting and contracting within system development; 3) geographical constraints within the project management team; and 4) the absence of subject matter experts in areas critical to product and project implementation. The only factor concluded as the driving force for the success of the project was organizations value and recognition of the new system, which transcended into support and organized communication from upper management in a “from the top down” approach. However; based upon industry standard project management principles and methodologies, specifically the Project Management Performance Assessment (PMPA) model that consists of five enablers of project management performance, the IS project lacked a holistic approach to successful project management. ANALYSIS

According to the PMPA methodology, the five enablers and one key method for measurement to high project management performance consists of the following: 1. Project Management Leadership:
a. “development and promulgation of the awareness of the role of projects as a vehicle for managing all types of change” (F.A. Mir, A.H. Pinnington, 2014) b. “ensuring that PM system supports the development of open two-way partnerships with customers and supplies and a shared, common project language culture” (F.A. Mir, A.H. Pinnington, 2014)

2. Project Management Staff:
a. “the planning and management relating to PM staff to...

References: Brown, C., DeHayes, D. W., Hoffer, J. A., Martin, E. W., & Perkins, W. C. (2012). Managing Information Technology. New Jersey: Pearson Education.
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