Is Online Teaching Good for Students or Not?

Topics: Education, History of education, Learning Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Name: Devin Yusfa Irma Saputri
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Is Online Teaching Good for Students or Not?
A modern technology has grown up in this world fastly. By using a modern technology, the human’s jobs, human’s activities can be finished easily and quickly. One of examples of modern technology it self is online teaching. Nowadays, a learning process is not only take place in the classroom where the students sitting in rows listening to a teacher who stands in front of them, but also it can take place anywhere by using online teaching. However, is online teaching good for students or not? To answer it, at the first we have to understand what online teaching is. As a result, we can decide is online teaching appropriate for students or not. “Online teaching is not about replacing or reducing the human dimension to teach and learn, but rather providing a range of avenues for dialogue to occur between staff and students. It allows for a new mix between face to face communication, independent work on the part of students and communication via the web,”_(Johnston, 2011). Besides, Rob Darrow gives his statement about online teaching as follow,” In online teaching and learning the student is usually on a computer reading or viewing the curriculum or completing assignments. The student is usually at home or in a computer lab as compared to sitting in a classroom with desks and a teacher in front of the room. The teacher is usually in some types of office setting which could be at school or office or home,”_(Darrow, 2012). From both definitions, I can conclude that online teaching is a modern learning process by using internet. Furthermore, it can take place anywhere without attend to class, so it will be more flexible on location and time. For those reasons, I totally agree if online teaching is good for students. Online teaching is good for students for three reasons. As I have noted, the first reason is online teaching will be more flexible on location and...

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