Is Marriage a Social Trap?

Topics: Famine, Malnutrition, Nutrition Pages: 4 (1097 words) Published: August 25, 2011
Health & Wellbeing: What Is Your Solution To The Ever Increasing Slippery Slide Of Health Options And Opinions? Words 351

Health & Wellbeing:   What is your solution to the ever increasing slippery slide of health options and opinions?

We live in an age where access to information is fast and mostly efficient.   Unfortunately, technology also gives us instant access to information that is not always used in best practice.  

There are many schools of thought that render it nearly impossible to live the perfect lifestyle.   There are some standard proven ideals that will definitely increase our health and wellbeing.  

For instance, a low fat high fibre diet, don’t smoke, limit alcohol intake, say no to drugs and regular exercise are all proven to prevent future health issues, increase health and vitality.   It’s all the other reports that hit our media networks weekly and that come up constantly on the ever increasing and expanding instant network of the internet.

How are we supposed to follow all these different regimes that all claim to be the best way of maintaining optimum health and Is this essay helpful? Join OPPapers to read more and access more than 470,000 just like it! get better grades


There is a very simple answer – don’t even try.

The answer is purely and simply common sense.   You don’t have to go to the expense of hiring a personal trainer or going to a gym when you can walk for free.   You don’t need to pay for special dietary supplements and diet regimes when you can eat a healthy balanced diet straight from your local markets and supermarket.  

All the things you read if taken to their literal end can also be harmful.   Vegetarians and Vegans need to be vigilant about ensuring they get enough Iron in their diet for instance.   Those that advocate fasting having only water and lemon juice for days on end are not doing anything but confusing their metabolism to retain the fat it thinks it needs due to survive.  ...
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