Is Johnny Cade Ultimately a Good Person?

Topics: English-language films, Death, S. E. Hinton Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Exposition essay (Johnny Cade)
Johnny was ultimately a good person in the ‘Outsiders’, the book written by S.E. Hinton. There are a number of reasons why Johnny is a good person. In the book, it is said that he is a quiet person and is a bit shy, and was kept on being jumped by Socs. He is traumatised by what has been going on his life. When he got jumped by Socs the damage was severe, he had scars on his face and was left half dead; he also get bruises from his parents. My reasons are he saves the children in the burning church; he stabbed and killed Bob Sheldon and he stands up to Dally at the movies. Johnny saves the kids in the burning church in Windrixville, on Jay Mountain. This shows that he is a good person because he is fixing his mistakes; he thought that he caused the church to burn by placing his cigarettes on the floor for the whole week. He is risking his life on saving the children. We know this because in the letter that Johnny gave to Ponyboy in the book ‘Gone with the Wind’ it had a note inside it from Johnny that he wrote before he had died in the hospital. Ponyboy received this book from the nurse. In a part of the note, it says: Listen, I don’t mind dying now. It’s worth it. It’s worth saving those kids. Their lives are worth more than mine, they have more to live for. Some of their parents came by to thank me and I know it was worth it. Tell Dally it’s worth it. Johnny stabbed and killed Bob in the incident against the Socs. This occurred at night time when Ponyboy head was shoved in the water. When all the Socs grabbed hold of Ponyboy; Johnny grabbed his switchblade from his pocket and stabbed Bob. He did this because he was trying to defend Ponyboy; because Ponyboy would have died if it continued. Killing someone is against the law but Johnny did it for a good reason. When he was in the hospital and Dally and Ponyboy just came to tell Johnny about the Greasers beating the Socs. Johnny said in a low voice ‘Fighting, fighting is useless’...
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