Is Golf a Sport or a Game?

Topics: Play, Game, Tiger Woods Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Is Golf a sport or a game?

A lot of people belive that golf is a sport, but I think it is a game, and I will show you why. The only reason why I think golf is a game is because its good for business, just for fun, and for parties. Golf was a game made for people to have fun. You will see how golf is a game. Lots of people with jobs get invited to do a round of golf with there boss and or co worker. Business is sometimes used to persuade other people in to getting a deal or business opportunity. Business is like two peas and a pie, they work great together, And playing with your boss will maybe give you that bonus you were looking for. Golf can also be good with friends, because there is no stress in the game, mostly stress comes from games like football or soccer, but golf is stress free. Golf is also not the most exciting game out there but it is good to spend time with your friend doing something. Golf can be a little competitive also, with friends trying to beat you but not to competitive, because how hard can it be, all you are doing is shooting a ball into a hole, golf is like a very unentertaining game of basketball, and everything is quiet and boring. But mainly golf is for fun! It can be fun for your friends and family to all go out and play. Golf was made to be a GAME not a pro sport. Golf will always be a game to other people also, so no one will rage when someone gets a score. Just like your grandpa said, “this game always makes me mad”, but he is old, who will listen to him anyway? I believe that golf is just a simple minded game that anyone can master if they have a good arm and support. Like I said, the basic use for golf in the first place is parties, fun, and business. All anybody is going to do with golf is use it for those 3 things. All of the “pro” athletes think it is a game also (not tiger woods, just saying).Golf is just not very much of a sport anymore. I hope I have convinced you that golf is a sport.
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