Iroquois and African Bushmen

Topics: North America, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Caribbean Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: September 9, 2010
The Iroquois are an association of several tribes of indigenous people of North America. The African Bushmen, are the indigenous people of southern Africa. They have completely different religions, and completely different traditions.

The African Bushmen and the Iroquois both believe that their people lived somewhere else before they came to earth. The African Bushmen believed that they were deep underground. Their god is named Kaang (Käng), and he is the Great Master and Lord of All Life. Iroquois believe that they were originally from the sky. Their god is the Sky Woman, a sky person who had fallen to earth.

In contrast, The African Bushmen were already a race of people, but they just lived underground. Their god, Kaang, created a gigantic, wondrous tree, with branches stretching over the entire country. At the base of the tree he dug a hole, reaching down into the world where all the people and animals lived. They lived in perfect harmony. The People and animals climbed out of the hole, and inhabited the earth’s surface.

The Iroquois, on the other hand, were originally a race of sky people. They lived on a giant island in the sky. Nobody ever died, and nobody was ever born. One day, one of the many sky women explained to her husband that she was pregnant with twins. The husband was super enraged. He grabbed her up, and threw her off the side of the island, plummeting far down to the earth below. She landed in the water, and some birds caught her, and flew her to the back of a turtle, who used his shell to built a land mass to live on. Eventually, she had her two sons, Flint and Sapling. Flint stood for all that was evil, and Sapling was the good one. They fought to the death, and Sapling won.

In summary, They are two different races, with two different cultures, from two different parts of the world.
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