Irish Exports to Australia

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Ireland’s non-physical exports
Since Ireland and Australia are two of the furthest countries apart in the world, (15, 696 km by flight) 1 a substantial amount of physical trade is very hard to maintain due to the long shipping time and expenses. The fact that Japan and China two of the worlds largest manufactures are located close by doesn’t help. Nevertheless some Irish based companies manage to supply and deliver products to Australia, companies such as Cadbury Microsoft, Dell and Apple. However a major source of revenue for Australia comes from non-physical exports such as Irish tourists holidaying and Irish workers going abroad to work Since they are taking their money/services outside of Ireland it is considered an export.

As we can see from the table below Australia has a steady flow of Irish tourism when considered that half of all trips out of Ireland were made to Great Britain. Australia is the most visited country outside of Europe excluding America. 2

Table of Holidays from Ireland 3

Time| Total Holidays| Australia|
2009 Total| 6,927,500| 111,800|
Jan 2010| 142,400| 7.300|
Feb 2010| 171,500| 4,200|
Mar 2010| 212,700| 4,900|
Apr 2010| 234,400| 5,700|
May 2010| 502,500| 9,100|
Jun 2010| 600,300| 12,900|

To put an economic value to the numbers of tourists I will take an example from 2008. Australia received a total of 64,420 visitors from Ireland in 2008/09. This was a decrease of 1 % compared to the year before. However the total money received by Australia from these tourists had increased by 3 per cent to $479 million in 2008/09.

Another source of Irish exports to Australia is Irish Immigrant workers. The latest figures show that Ireland has the highest net outward migration since the 1980s. This is of course down to the recession. Emigration from Ireland in last year ending at April 2010 is estimated to be at 65,300. This is an increase from 7,800 in April 2009 to 34,500 in April 2010...

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