Irie Caribbean Restaurant

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What is this case study about in general?
The case study in general is a synopsis of Irie Caribbean Restaurant in Toronto, Canada that describes menu history, training process, décor, marketing, the background of its management team, restaurant logistics within the business target area, demographics and financial management.

What specific issues are associated with it?
There are a few issues that associated with Irie Caribbean Restaurant Location (Demographics)
Even though Irie Caribbean Restaurant is located on a business accessible by public transportation, within close proximity to a large university and major highways along the cross streets the area demographics of Italian and Portuguese does not met the demand for a Caribbean eatery. Menu and Menu Description

Irie Caribbean market’s itself as a Caribbean restaurant but the lack of menu description detail the origin of each menu items does not such that is more than a Jamaican restaurant. The physical menu does not flow well making it bland and unappealing. There should be a separate menu for each meal period that highlights the portion size difference in comparison to the price difference. Menu Pricing

Current menu pricing is not consistent between meal periods if there is no portion difference. Each menu items also ends in a different dollar amount. Pricing should end either $.99, $.00 or $.49. Restaurant Logistics

The lack of visibility is a major concern for guest, who can’t identify the location due to lack of lighting and signage. When guest enter the restaurant, there is no hostess station, coat closet or waiting area. It is a safety issue for guest to over-crowd the entrance hall. Guests at the bar are uncomfortable because there is no definition of space. Additionally the restaurant restrooms can’t accommodate more than one person and pose additional safety concern with guest congregating on the stairs. Although some changes can’t be made because of laws, accommodations can be done to ease the confusion. The lack of parking is also concern for patrons, who either have to walk a far distance, pay parking fee at private lots or metered timed and risk tickets for going over. Hiring, Training and Scheduling

There are no true hiring and training procedures, IRIE Caribbean Restaurant depends on other employees, friends and family to fulfill its staffing needs. Although turnover rate is low, cooks and serves are receiver what the owners believe in proper training. There are no controls over portions in addition to the lack of a bartender making quality assurance fluctuate. At times the restaurant is under staff or over staff since there is no consistent stream of business, cause by poor sales per labor hour’s analysis and forecasting. Marketing

Marketing is word of mouth, although tried and failed at some marketing promotions, most have been pushed wayside. Failure to market and branded IRIE Caribbean Restaurant has resulted in no new business. The lack of print, visual and audio marketing has also failed to advertise the catering aspect of the business as well. A large part of marketing is promotions; IRIE offered daily specials for a limited time but did not continue to practice because they did not see the financial gain in them, and however no accurate accounting was done. With the limited website advertisement and in-store postings, it appears that no effort was made to track the hits on the site of survey where guest where finding about the restaurant. Financial Management

Both the owners have a restaurant experience that does not translate into financial management of IRIE Restaurants. Failing to hire some an operations manager who can explain the numbers to the owners translating into no customer counters, check averages, turnover rates or profit margins. How do they link with the theories we have studied?

Every theory we have studied is linked to the successes and failures of any restaurants. IRIE Restaurant failures are directly related...
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