iPad vs textbook

Topics: High school, Textbook, Education Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: October 29, 2014
What if you could have your whole backpack at the touch of you fingertips? In the first month of the Apple iPads release a whooping 25 million were sold! People all over the world use iPads for all sorts of different things: business, games, media, etc, but one of their finest qualities is the ability to be a textbook. IPads have already replaced textbooks in over 600 counties. Schools in America should do away with their beefy school books and switch to iPads because they cost less, weight less, are more efficient, and can be used whenever, wherever.

To begin, school districts should switch out their textbooks to iPads because they are less expensive. Textbooks become outdated and schools have to buy new books, but with an iPad schools can update them for free therefore they can use the saved money for other programs. In an online newspaper article it states, “...iPads cost between $500 and $600 dollars, which is what Brookfield High in Connecticut estimates it spends per student on a yearly basis for textbooks,” (Saavedra 2). Schools don’t have to spend $500 every year for iPads because they last a while and can be updated. Because they are more reasonably priced, schools should convert their textbooks to iPads .

Secondly, iPads are lighter than multiple heavy textbooks and notebooks so schools should replace books with iPads. In high school, textbooks have an average of 4.8 pounds each, students usually have multiple classes which results in multiple textbooks, which adds up (Glenn 3). A solution to that is an iPad, they only weigh 1.33 pounds and can hold virtually all of a students textbooks
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