Invictus Identity

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Throughout big impacts and events individuals and those around us in society become more aware and notice the changing of their identity and where they belong. It is at times of events such as 911, The Australian settlement and the change of President and uniting as a country in reference to Invictus, the film, that has influenced greatly on those who are left to suffer and those around them. As these events occur people become more aware of the impact it causes to a society, which changes and influences, their identity and where they feel like they belong will also adapt along with the change.

As a society that has been inflicted with pain and grief due to huge impacts, it is not only those who have suffered personally and directly, but
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As time progresses, we become more aware of what is going on around us. The film Invictus demonstrates that over time a nation can come together and unite under the one flag despite how they have felt about coming together in the past. In the beginning of ‘Invictus’ the contrast is displayed through the white men playing rugby on one side of the fence which is clean and they are all in the same uniform, while a road divides them between black children playing rugby in the dirt, bare footed and with barely any clothes on. This road divides two different cultures apart from each other which symbolises that the country itself is not united. It is also seen in the first rugby match that the majority of people in the stadium is waving the old South African flag which contradicts with the end scene where everyone has come together as they are waving the new South African flag and cheering for the Springboks. Nelson Mandela says ‘ I want to thank you most sincerely for what you have done to our country” to Francois which demonstrates that even when the country had previously divided into blacks and white that they are still able to come together. That is when Nelson Mandela stood up for what he believed in, in order for the country to realise that the country doesn't need to be against each other. By accomplishing this he was able to use the help of the Springboks rugby team to prove that if …show more content…
On the 26th of January, since 1788 we have celebrated the day that the Australian Settlement happened. As we Australians are celebrating this day that whites invaded this country, aboriginals mourn this day, the day that they had their country, land and home taken away from them. It is the day where they lost their rights to Australia the day they lost their families and homes. As aboriginals had lost everything they were forced to come to terms with their change of identity and where they had to belong. Before the Australian settlement they knew who they were and that they belonged in Australia, but because of the Australian settlement they were aware they needed to find somewhere else they belonged. In 2008 Kevin Rudd gave a speech apologising to all the aborigines who had lost their families and everything throughout the stolen generations, which admits to the fact that the aborigines had to change. Stan Grant gave a speech about how his mother and grandmother were affected, explaining that they had to change who they were because they realised that if they stayed and kept their old identity that they would never be accepted. Through this hard time of the aboriginals being stripped of their rights, homes and families they became aware that they needed to change their identity and where they belonged to be part of this

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