Investment and Certified Financial Planner

Topics: Investment, Mutual fund, Exchange-traded fund Pages: 2 (889 words) Published: August 24, 2013
FP/101_r6 - Week Eight Quiz|
|1) Investing in the stock market is a good way to meet which of the following savings goals?||A.||A vacation next summer||B.||A new car in 3 years||C.||College in 15 years||D.||A down payment on a house in 4 years|||2) What should you do if you don't want to spend a lot of time managing your investments?||A.||Get out of the game. Successful investing requires time and attention. If you don’t have the time to devote to it, you shouldn’t do it. ||B.||Invest in last year’s best-performing mutual fund.||C.||Invest in an index fund or ETF that tracks the entire stock market. ||D.||Invest in bond funds and other stable-value funds.|||3) When choosing a financial advisor, you should look for one who is interested in meeting with||A.||the head of the family or the person making the financial decisions||B.||you at your house||C.||you and your spouse or partner at the advisor's office||D.||both you and your spouse or partner at your house|||4) Which of the following should you look for when choosing a financial advisor?||A.||A Certified Financial Planner with at least 15 years of experience ||B.||Someone who recently became a Certified Financial Planner and is, therefore, up to date on recent changes in tax law||C.||A Certified Financial Planner who earns commissions||D.||A fee-based financial advisor who specializes in insurance, taxes, and estate planning|||5) Which of the following is a good plan of action when the stock market is performing poorly?||A.||Get out of stocks temporarily and shift back into them when the market stabilizes||B.||Subtract your age from 100 and put that portion of your investments in bonds||C.||Increase the amount you put into stocks and decrease your contributions to bonds and stable-value funds||D.||Continue to invest the same amount of money in your mutual funds on a monthly basis|||6) What should you do if your company's 401(k) plan does not offer an index fund?||A.||Invest only in bonds in your 401(k)...
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