Week 1 Assignment

Topics: Investment, Management, Finance Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: January 24, 2013
The University Of Phoenix week. 1 worksheet

1. The process of creating a detailed plan to meet your financial needs and prepare for the future is called Personal financial planning

2. Which of the following is not one of the five major steps of the financial planning process? Collect and organize your financial information

3. Which phase in life is commonly associated with focus on marriage, family, purchasing a home, and career development? Late 20s through your 40s

4. Which of the following is a benefit of having a college degree that can affect your financial planning? All of the above

5. Which of the following elements of a comprehensive financial plan involves analyzing future needs, such as saving for retirement or college funding for dependents? Building Wealth

6. People have different styles when it comes to handling their money. List two different things that affect your personal beliefs and opinions about financial planning. How well money? Can you spot areas for improvement in your money management style, and if so, where/ how? Personally with me money doesn’t come easy so when I get it I have to save it not just spend it. I am not a person that will usually blow a lot of money. I am the type that will try to invest my money just as long as I know that whatever I invest in is real and not a scam I like checking the internet for ways of investing my money such as stocks and bonds. I can spot ways of improving my money all the time. I have trackers and online notifications that give me all kinds of ideals of managing my money and ways of earning more I recommend everyone to familiarize themselves with the resources of the internet.

7. Which element of the comprehensive financial plan focuses on your housing needs, setting aside money for emergencies, and establishing a career path? Consider your own finances. Do correctly own a vehicle and/or home? If yes, how well do you manage monthly home and auto expenses? How well do...
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