Investigation of the breakdown of starch at different temperature

Topics: Enzyme, Amylase, Agar plate Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: January 26, 2014
Title: Investigate the breakdown of starch at different temperature AIM
This experiment has been done to investigate the action of the enzyme amylase on the breakdown of starch. MATERIALS
These were the materials used: four starch/ agar plates, a marker pen, 1mm graph paper ruler, 8mm cork borer, forceps and template for cutting holes, 1% Amylase, water, incubator set at 5, 20, 40 and 60 degree Celsius. METHOD

This was the experimental procedure carried out: the materials above were collected. Six wells were cut using cork borer in the agar which was in the plate and removed the bored one with forceps. The incubate temperature, the date of the experiment and the name of students who did the experiment were wrote with a pen marker on the base of the Petri dish. Three drops of Amylase (A) and Water (W) were carefully transferred to the appropriate wells in each of the four dishes. The lids were replaced and the dishes were carefully transferred to the appropriate incubator. RESULTS

Table 1: Our result

Table 2: Class Average

The composition of the agar is starch and amylase is the only enzyme that will break down the starch. One enzyme amylase only works with one substrate starch; this is called “Lock and Key Theory”. The enzyme amylase is the lock and the key is the substrate starch. The enzyme activity increases and decreases at certain temperatures. The amylase activity would increase as the temperature was risen, until a certain high temperature at which the amylase would denature and be non-functional. More the temperature increases the enzyme cannot fit in the starch and no reaction will take place. In the petri dish 1, the temperature is 5℃, the enzyme and the substrate collided slowly, that mean the starch did not breaking down. In the petri dish 2, we increased the temperature at 20℃, the enzyme and the substrate collided faster breaking down some starch but not all of it. In petri dish 3, the temperature increased again at 40℃, 40℃...
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